Wantify is opening doors for local stores. Our mission is to facilitate local commerce by making it fun, easy, and efficient to keep up with your hometown merchants. The Wantify app makes it simple to discover local merchants and get notified of their best updates and insider deals, all in one spot from your mobile phone.


We believe a merchant’s regular customers should be first in line for rewards.
Start following your favorite local merchants to receive exclusive VIP deals and insider information.

Discover Favorites

Find your favorite local merchants and subscribe to their notifications.

Connect with Merchants

Receive real-time updates on sales, events, and exclusive deals for VIP customers.

Receive Real-Time Offers

Always stay in the loop on what’s happening at your favorite places.

Create Special Requests

If your favorite merchant doesn’t have exactly what you want, send a request to have something custom crafted exclusively for you.

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