What is Wantify®?

Wantify is a platform that creates an efficient connection between you and your local merchants that leads to increased local commerce. Local merchants register and post offers in the system. You simply post what you want, then Wantify delivers all of the relevant offers from your local merchants directly to you. You can even request things that are highly personalized or unique. Wantify merchants will craft offers relating specifically to what you’ve requested.

Get advice from friends and neighbors about local merchants; clip coupons or make a purchase of an enticing offer; you can even follow a merchant to receive exclusive VIP offers available only to a merchant’s most loyal customers.

Wantify levels the playing field between local merchants, big box retailers, and ecommerce sites, and makes buying locally your first choice! And when you buy from local merchants, the dollars you spend support locally owned businesses, improve your local schools, parks and playgrounds, and beautify your hometown.

The Team

Our high-energy team is passionate about preserving America’s rich and diverse hometown culture. It’s a well-established fact that to achieve this mission, there must be a strong local commerce dynamic.

While there is a desire to shop locally amongst those who love their hometowns, buying something locally can simply be a highly inefficient experience. And so the Wantify team set out to create the most dynamic digital commerce platform to address the inefficiencies and make local shopping a “first choice”. We’re proud of what we’ve created, and believe in its potential to make a profound impact.

Jeff Sloan, Founder and CEO, is a visionary force with a keen focus on helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners realize their dreams of owning and operating a business. Since 2002, the award-winning site he founded known as StartupNation has inspired and empowered literally millions to start and grow businesses. As a result of the power of small business ownership to transform lives and his desire to preserve the American hometown tapestry, Jeff envisioned Wantify and assembled a dynamic and dedicated team to make it happen.

The Wantify team has backgrounds ranging from worksite wellness, theoretical mathematics, retail, fine art to computer science. Our love of all things local and a keen determination to make a difference is what unites Team Wantify and drives us every day. And we couldn’t be more proud to share Wantify with all of you.

Jeff Sloan

Owner / CEO

Jake Atchoo

Merchant Liason

Ben Strawn

Team Lead / Full Stack Engineer

Stephen Koller

Front End Engineer

Paul Bologna

Merchant Network Manager

Karen Torres